For a sustainable life

Don't forget! There are many ways to live a sustainable life.
We believe in sustainable fashion studies, not a concept called sustainable fashion. When we think of fashion, we may think only of clothes, but we forget that it is necessary to think about it from accessories to cosmetics and even home textiles. Just as the trends for our clothes are changing, our homes, skin, eating and drinking style, that is, our consumption habits are also included in this concept.
As a producer, we are a team that works by being aware of what and how much we consume. We work by avoiding overproduction and putting a stop to overconsumption. We think that a system without ethical production is not sustainable.
In 2020, we were selected as Remake our World Turkey ambassador. Our work continues as part of this organization, which was established to win the rights of textile workers around the world.
For us, less plastic and less carbon footprint means less damage during shipping, packaging, product shipments.
Transparent production, that is, sharing all production processes with you is our way of communication . We always pay attention to share our story and the places we do business. Our collections come out thanks to every worker, woman and craftsman we work with. Being aware of this, we take care to grow.
We are on our way to collect fabric before the seasons. Upholsterers, fabric manufacturers' stocks, warehouses, color charts thrown away at the end of the season are our treasure.
With our Black Sea and Sri Lanka footprints, we are bringing cyclical fashion and disappearing crafts back to the agenda in our special collections, where we work with women's communities and support women in villages by modernizing traditional hand weaving.
We design, develop ideas and produce regularly in our workshop in Balat.
Thank you for supporting us on this path we have taken to work more on the philosophy of sustainability and upcycling.