Who are we?

We believe that a sustainable world will be created by taking action far more emotionally but wisely with respect to nature.
We were established in 2016 by realizing how much damage textile and fashion have done to the world over the years, and how difficult our life has become with the changing climates day by day.
The brand, which started with 7 years of experience in the world of fast fashion from designer to brand manager, with the aim of confronting the mistakes in the system, was born when its founder Roksan collected waste fabrics during his travels.
Mah Roc means moon and sun in the language of the Afghan nomadic Balochs. It describes the lunar and solar cycles. Just as the sun rises when the moon goes away, we work on cycles.
The bags we design from fabrics are easy, upcycled products that require less material in the form of pouches, just like the bags of nomads.
Each one is unique and special. Because it cannot be reproduced.
After a trip to Sri Lanka in 2019, we went after hand-woven fabrics that were on the verge of disappearing as a brand.
Trying to understand the weaving systems for 3 months. An experience created by spending time only in workshops created by old women, has become the place where we put out our biggest collections today.
Now we continue to spend time with different women and learn how to weave. We make collections from waste woven fabric samples. Some are produced in Sri Lanka, while some are produced in Istanbul.
We have been working on special woven accessories for 4 seasons in the villages of the Black Sea in Turkey, moreover, with the ropes we have taken from old sweaters.
Today, we are Turkey's first remake our world ambassador. We defend the rights of textile workers who are in a difficult situation around the world.
Our heart, our business, grows with the community we create, beyond slow fashion.
Because this is what feels right to us and it is the best way to share it with you.