Love letter from Ordu, Turkey

As a result of the uncertainty and fast lives we live in, maybe you are resisting the environment brought by today, you want to understand. You may be trying to skip the days we are in and be forced to keep up with the situation.
As we pass through the same situation, we continue to travel slowly, stay where we are for a long time and observe the surroundings.
We continue to travel, collect inspiration and materials.
Our processes may have slowed down a lot, but weren't we escaping far from the fast life anyway?
We have been in Ordu for a while. We spend time in the Black Sea. We meet aunts and uncles, we listen to their lives. We learn about ancient traditions. We collect fabrics and learn how to weave by hand. We experience nature and we slow down. While believing that every journey has a purpose, we try to let ourselves flow and bring whatever comes to us without much disruption. Isn't that exactly the purpose of up-cyling?
Redesigning existing material.
In short, you have the materials. Observe, learn, look around you. Who knows, maybe you'll find something hidden somewhere.
That's why we decided to meet with you every Monday morning when we were looking at how we would describe what we observed while creating our collection.
Hope to get through this period in the most efficient way.

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