Gita's Handbag lockdown diaries

Gita's Handbag lockdown diaries

Two months in Turkey. For the first time not traveling at all. As you know our slogan is travel, collect and re-design. Three months spent very well and productive in Sri Lanka.

We experienced working with locals especially with women who have so little words to communicate with. 


An inspirational island. Handloom traditions, delicious food, lots of friends from all over the world. Good music, good taste, hidden places to discover. Well designed corners and unexpected touches. Still in our mind and heart. We were planning to launch our collection from Sri Lanka earlier in May. But some of the plans didn't go as planned.  We had to stop production and come back to our homeland. 


During lockdown days we continued to work on our special collections from Sri Lanka but we wanted to launch another collection before. We thought about our roots and we turned back to our childhood. We stayed all together with family. Looking back on our memories, old photos have reminded us of our grandmother's style. The one who gives us more than two cultures and who teaches us how it does not matter where you are coming.


We love you.


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