Love letter no:2

Love letter no:2

From Ordu, Turkey


Thinking about sustainability,


We have had an inquiry in our mind lately.  We are talking about a sustainable life, sustainable designs, even FASHION.  So, isn't there a mistake somewhere when we explain "sustainability"? 


Last week we talked about slowing down. We have mentioned the period we live in pushed us to be slow. Our creative processes slowed down. We are experiencing that we can reflect the insignificance of the seasons to our processes. While the seasons are disappearing with climate changes, the world still goes to Pre Fall, Fall Winter, Resort, Summer Spring. In other words, while we cannot even live our seasons, the fashion world does not stop.  In order not to spoil the perception, we continue to do two seasons and continue our Fall Winter collection from Ordu. This season, we are coming with another idea. What is truly sustainable? 


We were researching traditional techniques for weaving for a while...

We were discussing how we do the weaving techniques as we want, what our colors should be, how we use graphics, what our processes will be, will it be enough for us to work with one person? While we were getting excited about these questions, we felt that we were getting lost in the dream of  the search for sustainability.  What already exists is very beautiful. We realized that we have already found exactly what we were looking for.  The kolan (our new accessories) that Gülser Teyze weaved us are very beautiful as they are. We decided to keep up with her without disturbing the nature she has. This is a purpose in a sustainable life. Keeping up with it without disrupting what is happening.


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