Love Letter no:3, Collecting fabrics

Love Letter no:3, Collecting fabrics
The inspiration behind collecting fabrics and making bags;

I spent my childhood exploring how to respect different and original stories. Coming from a family with identities of different countries made me ask myself the same inquiry on and on.
Where is the home, where do we belong? I was thinking a lot, and of course what people think about it.
One part of my family is half German, half Italian, the other part has Spanish origin.
We grew up in a house where culture and traditions were mixed and more than two languages ​​were spoken. Growing up with my twin sister, who was always with me, she constantly compared me with this question when we spent a period of our lives in different countries.
Our family thought we could be stronger and more social if we lived in different countries. So what were we feeling?

The answer to my question has always been the same; I found loyalty to a nation, race, very personal, individual and challenging.
What does this have to do with fabrics and 
Unused and second-hand fabrics that I have collected from different countries over the years have been an expression of my thoughts.
Fabrics are the identity of our designs and often the spirit of motifs.
In creating our bags, we ask for social and political activism to refuse to surrender to what has been given to us, and instead encourage it to reach a new world through radical alliance without being tied anywhere.
For us, each individual is unique and equal. Each bag we produce has a different texture, color, motif or pattern.

If you are asking these questions to yourself, a little reminder;
We may have forgotten who we are, nature, sharing and supporting each other months or maybe years ago.
In this period when we cannot travel, we remind ourselves that everything is temporary in times of uncertainty.
And the point is not about the uncertain times we are in. We have been in uncertainty for a long time.

I hope this period has inspired change and transformations.



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