September Issue

September Issue
Don't you feel confused?
We are in September with lots of thoughts and emotions.
In a real sense, September is a very important month for the fashion world. 
We are here with September Issue, which is the milestone of fashion that refreshes our eyes and souls and pioneers a brand new season, when we are tired of collections that have gained the title of "old" in six months! For most of us working in the fashion industry, September is the beginning of the new year rather than January. Because the seasons we consume fast have gained a brand new look with the vision of the designers, they were introduced with extraordinary shows to disturb the ordinariness of our lives and the products took their place in the stores ...
This is a quote and in our opinion, a very depressing statement.  We are leaving the summer behind, although we do not want to leave it, we decided to spend the next few weeks in the studio to make new changes in the need to return to our place.  Our plans have been changing for a long time. Experiencing the slowdown, intervening trips are what we want to do as we have returned to Istanbul with a sense of grounding.

We realized that we are not talking about ourselves as we wanted to share the plans for next few weeks. Our studio in Balat turns into a co-working space where we can share ideas and talk about sustainability.  We are mostly at the beginning but will be able to visit soon.

How did that happen?
So the desire to be grounded ...
By trying and by making mistakes.
By giving a chance to the opportunities.
We have met with more people. That was the purpose of traveling. It is not just collecting the unused fabrics. 
First we have to learn the story behind and the background of the materials. We have to explore the motifs and textures.
We have to decide how sustainable the material is. Then we can think and bring it to life. This is slowing down.
You need to give chance to everything
And sometimes to let go.
If we want a sustainable life, we cannot understand it without observing it. While we spend time in other cities, we look for ways to empower their economies. We plan to make productions there, but if it is not sustainable, we can give up the plans and then we return to Istanbul with all the materials and inspiration we have on our back. It's the simplest way to create new collections in Balat.
Try to see sustainable fashion in this way. Up-cycling nor the use of recycled fabric doesn't mean that the result is sustainable.
If you have never heard about the September Issue, you should watch the documentary. 

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