So what is this transparency?

So what is this transparency?
This week we are asking ourselves what transparency and ethical fashion really is, for understanding better.
It's kinda strange that we find similar answers to our inquiry. Fashion transparency is all about the brands making their production processes clearly and sharing everything from design to final product.
''As the destructive effects of fast fashion created by production and consumption strategies become visible, it has led to the adoption of an ethical and ecological design approach that allows fashion to be redefined. Thus, ethical fashion has developed creative discourses such as 'Slow Fashion Movement' and has a structure that glorifies local crafts, fair trade, multifunctional design products, participatory design, the use of environmentally friendly materials and designs that are valued by recycling or up-cycling. ''
The fact that an ethical design approach comes to the fore is about questioning under which conditions the design was created, produced and consumed. Ethical fashion, which adopts sustainable, slow and social approaches as a principle, adopts a transparent, participatory and critical discourse as a communication method.
So what is this transparency?
In our opinion, to clearly articulate all processes. So what are we doing?
We share all our processes of design to product. Everyone in our team has the right to give an idea in the design process from starting point to final decision.
For us, transparency and ethics starts here. If one of us questions the feasibility of that design, we discuss the question marks there. So there is no ego. The advice from us is let go of your ego as much as possible in your life. If we advocate the opposite, then we get wrong about sustainability. :)
See you next week!

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