Mah Roc x Saving Home

Dear Friends, We want to tell you a very special story; A story that inspired us to create this collection! The hero of our story is a friend of ours who will make you smile when you hear his name: Gufi. Exactly seven years ago, we added Gufi, who was abandoned on the streets and in urgent need of a home, to our family. From the first day, he became the source of joy in our home. Gufi's life story reinforced the love and responsibility we feel for our homeless friends today. Colorful fabrics from Palazzo Fabric reflect Gufi's energy....

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Efes Antik Kent

The ancient city of Ephesus

Hi! Today I am reaching you from Selçuk. I'm here for a residency program. I can say that it is a working and sharing program for reading and writing in places we have determined. I will share it in more detail in the coming weeks, but E fes The things that caught my eye while visiting the Ancient City made me feel that we somehow reflected a place I had never been to before in our designs, so I would like to briefly explain why this place impressed me. Ephesus The Ancient City is not known as a city built specifically by...

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Fast fashion brands doing greenwashing...

Hi!! I'm Principle! As we mentioned last week, this week we are examining greenwashing examples together. Let's see how much truth the fast fashion brands you may or may not have heard of actually tell, how innocent they are.

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What is this GREENWASHING?!?

"One of the biggest factors behind why companies try to look like this even though they are not is to attract the attention of consumers who are aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the world. In fact, in a way, they present themselves as "greener and more innocent..." 

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